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If he doesn't give you a laughing fit you must acquit

Discussion in 'Wireless Estimator Site Discussions' started by Kelly Calders, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. Kelly Calders Frequent Poster

    It took only three hours for the jury to convict Clovis Prince. One minute to tally their vote, two hours and fifty nine minutes for them to get their laughter under control before they walked into the courtroom.

    Mr. Prince said the prosecutor wanted to make him a deal after the jury convicted him on all counts.

    Well, duh, isn't that what all prosecutors do after their jurors give them everything they wished for? Ask the judge to reduce the sentence? "Ah, we were only joshing, your honor."

    That's proof positive why nurse Ratched should be given permission to dispense to him Thorazine pills slightly larger and heavier than Olympic curling stones.
  2. Amera213 Friend of the Community

    Hey it sounds like Clovis should be put away for a while but 30 years might be a little heavy. You might recall another Texas case where Jeffery Skilling was found guilty of a lot of fraud counts and putting Enron out of business when he was its president. It was the country's largest bankruptcy . Thousands of people lost their pensions and others their life savings because he was running basically a multi billion dollar scam where he profited from insider trading and investors lost billions
    He was also arrogant on the stand, but he only got 24 years.
  3. Steelstacker007 First Time Poster

    These types of people are the reason this industry is the way it is. He deserves every second he gets, and then some. He effected children, mothers, expectant moms, hard working HONEST people, and for what gain? This society is too quick to jump at ghosts, look deeper and you'll find the skeleton's. Poor judgment on the bankers as well, especially with millions going every which way. Aren't they held accountable at all for all this mess??????????????? SHOULD BE!!!!!!
  4. Proximity Friend of the Community

    Great story!!!! Well written!!!!

    What I find interesting is that no other wireless magazines, newspapers or web media picked up this news. What's with that? Lazy?

    The guy scams millions and nobody cares to write about it. Maybe they think the American public are used to getting screwed and would rather read about the latest celebrity gossip or Iphone app.
  5. earla Friend of the Community

    This man is a sick puppy. An ego as big as a house. He says it would take any attorney years to learn about his case to be able to represent him. Can this moron not remember that he reprepresented himself and that's the reason he lost? He'll probably want to get out on bond during his appeal forgetting that he is a proven flight risk trying to escape from police twice.

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