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Pad and Pier Foundation

The pad and pier is a foundation design used for monopoles and self supporting towers as well as the support structure for a guyed tower base. Pad Pier Foundation 2 Excavation, carpentry, concrete and reinforcing steel skills are required to provide a safe, as-designed installation. The tower foundation landscape is littered with failed projects by inexperienced contractors who viewed the installation as a seemingly easy task.

Using the correct loading, a structural analysis of the tower must be provided with base reactions in order for an engineer to provide aPad Pier Foundation 3 foundation design. A geotechnical/soil report is normally required in order to obtain sealed design drawings for a building permit.

Although the specifications will provide you with the reinforcing steel sizes and placement, concrete PSI requirements and the pier and pad sizes, the excavation and formwork requirements are to be designed by the contractor.

Quick Quote The default pricing is a baseline of averagesPad and Pier Foundations throughout the country for a pad and pier foundation in normal soil within 120 miles of the contractor’s  office. The total includes excavation, forming materials, reinforcing steel, 3000 PSI concrete and installation. The size of the foundation will influence  the cubic yard pricing provided. Prices will vary based upon soil conditions, location and additional design requirements. Add concrete testing to your proposal. If your bid documents require you to provide a proposal using "normal soil" conditions, try to get the owner to provide soil borings with a report to ensure a competitive bid environment.

Pad and Pier Foundations

Monopole In "My Estimator" enter the pier square and height and the pad square and pad depth for total cubic yards and average baseline pricing.
Self Supporting Tower (3 Piers and One Pad or 3 Piers and 3 Pads) In "My Estimator" enter the pier square and height and the pad square and pad depth plus the number of pads (1 or 3) for total cubic yards and average baseline pricing.

We recommend that you contact our listed foundation installation companies to obtain additional information about their services, capabilities and experience.

Check Pricing

Whenever you receive a quotation from a contractor that appears to be too low, identify if they have the proper insurance, safety training and the expertise to complete the job. Oftentimes they don’t! If a supplier’s or service provider’s pricing is also extremely low, ensure that the materials and/or design meet the specifications or that they’re competent in providing their service offerings. Check references at least twice and you’ll only have to cut the purchase order once! To add information to this industry topic or to ensure its accuracy, please contact us at

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