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Dual Lighting Systems

FAA Type L864/L-865

The medium intensity dual lighting system has proven to be the ideal solution for densely populated residential areas. There are multiple designs for the strobe flashhead which eliminates the need for two separate lighting systems.  A calibrated photocell will allow the system to automatically switch between daytime and nighttime intensities. Power supplies are typically mounted at the base of the structure and monitor the operation of the system, providing alarm contact closure following any failure.

Although all dual lighting systems must meet FAA certification guidelines, not all systems offer the same product benefits. LED technology has arrived and there are LED dual lighting systems available.

Dual Lighting 2Height includes all appurtenances

The overall height of the structure including all appurtenances such as rods, antennas, obstruction lights, etc., determines the number of light levels. On a structure 200’ to 350’ in height (E-1 System) only one flashhead is required at the top of the tower with 2 or 3 L810 marker lights. For structures 351’ to 500’ (E-2 System) the FAA will require a flashhead at the top of the tower and two at the structure’s mid-point level but none below 200’, with 2 levels of 3 L810 marker lights, unless otherwise requested in the FAA’s aeronautical study. 

No obstruction greater than 7/8” can be in the path of any flashhead’s horizontal beam.

For additional information regarding FAA marking and lighting standards for medium intensity lighting requirements in excess of 500’, you can review FAA AC-70/7460-1K at: Obstruction Marking and Lighting.

CalculatorThe average list price of a medium intensity dual lighting E-1 system, which includes two side marker lights, is $5,100. This does not include freight, installation or the cost of the power cable from the flashhead unit to the power converter at the base of the tower. The average list price for power cable is $1.60 per ft.

The average list price for a dual lighting E-2 System which includes three flashhead units, a master power converter and two slaves and 6 side marker lights and power cable is $14,100. This does not include freight, taxes and installation.

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